Wednesday, May 27, 2015

In Da Woods

Time away from work only makes the heart grow fonder,, fonder of not having 
to be at work..
I got to spend four blissfull days off from my grind,,
while celebrating the start of summer,,, my eighteenth wedding anniversary,, and the boys 
eleventh birthday.
It was the first time that we would pop up the camper since the disaster in Hayward..
And with that being said it was a bit of a chore learning what was and was not 
in the camper. 

Friday night once the fire was going I did find my racer packet from the Shithole race,,
and this made the fire fell so much better.

What better than spending a weekend full of sun and fun with the ones that you care about most??
Bikes were ridden and beers were drank and the whole famdam got to 
spend some quality together.

It all was topped off with a nice chill day at home and letting the tweener in the house run wild
and enjoy himself. 
I never agreed to this getting older thing but I guess
that I can dig it as long as I get to have fun 
while I get there. 

Back to humpday items..
Friday morning as I drank coffee and got the mind right for riding I 
got to finally watch the Vans Propeller movie.
very well done.
Raw footage continue to come out from the editing room..

And some more Krooked just because,,

Get it Straight Ride Krooked!

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