Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dirty Soul

When life slows down it is much easier to find the time to do what is
really important in life. 

Work for what ever reason has slowed down to a crawl and instead of hanging out 
with a bunch of busy work just to fill in the day I am 
exercising the right to get out and get rad.
I have put a lot of blood sweat and tears into this thing that I call work and at times
worry that the company as a whole may be taking a nose dive.
What does not make me nervous is the fact that I am good at what I do and shit is always going to 
break down...... so I have that going for me. 
So when their is nothing left to do it is 
time to go flog ones self in the back yard while riding on a 22 lb rocket ship. 
It is safe to say that things are getting a touch over grown as they will this time of year,,
but it is really green in the woods and the dirt could not be more perfect. 
With Time On my side I just continued to up and then up again,, working
on the ability to suffer then suffer some more. 
And then to top it off 
I got to go to the park with the boy and work on some new lines and just get to spend some quality time with one of the raddest people I know in this here world.

A video posted by Devin Curran (@curranski) on

I am not sure if it is hanging out with him,,, riding the rollerboard or what but it makes
me feel young and very happy to be alive. 

Now to some more quality video,, and ones with maybe some better socks..

I down loaded finally the Vans Propeller Movie and 
look forward to watching it here soon with the boy..

Here is a great new clip of the Neff
crew sk8ing in my happy place and my someday home of 

Now time to hold on and get over the Humpty Hump.

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