Friday, May 8, 2015


The days are getting longer and longer as we approach the summer solstice,, in late june.. This is a magic time of year watching the landscape change from the bla dormant hues of 
winter to a collage of  bursting colors and smells. 
This is also the time of the year that early morning group rides get started and for twenty plus years 
the ever changing group has been meeting a few mornings a week riding the same route and doing it in a gentleman style. 
I have not showed up to one yet.. I have laid gear out gear the night before with the intention of meeting the group,, but just have not made it..
No real reason,, for my lack of participation.... I can say that riding my road bike has not been 
getting me too excited as I have been addicted to dirt and have been riding my two fat tire bikes as much as I can. 
And I think deep down inside I just don't want to ride in a group that can stretch over 25+...
Am I afraid that I could have another crash like last fall,, not so much I mean that is there deep in my brain... Do I just not want to be social?? maybe,, I know that I don't want to spend the ride explaining my recovery and the crash and what happened,,, because I still don't know what happened.. 
Their could not be a better group of guys to ride with 
but something about leaving the house at 510 in the AM,, that takes the mind awhile to get 
Truth be told I am waiting for the weather to change a bit so I can get out at the asscrack of dawn time and rip an hour or so on the Single Machine..
So many changes and so little time left on this planet,, approach each day like it is the 
last on this spinning rock.

Speaking of Rocks,, I did go on a ride with the boy who is now 
dubbed Two Cent..

Our rides aren't long and they do involve dirt,
It is fun to see his smug mug pedaling trough the woods,,
and even more fun when I tell him that he is faster 
than his sister is.. Then he stands up and 
hammers to get ready for the day that he gets to kick her ass in a bike ride..

And that time maybe here soon as my oldest,,our summer roommate 
will be home tomorrow from school to eat my food,, loaf around my house,
and raise my water bill.
She'll be twenty this summer and it may be time for the bird to spread its wings.. 

From this view you can see for miles and miles and miles..
And if you look up you can watch the eagles circling over head.
Changing my view and 
reviewing my approach,, it all starts some where.


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