Monday, May 4, 2015

If I ever leave this world Alive

Their done and done,,, the first series race is in the bag and I am 
still here to talk about it..

I knew that yesterday was going to be a tough day of racing and for the most part I am 
happy with where I ended up.. 
I have said it a number of times Buck Hill can be beast of a race,,, add in the first race of the year the fact it was a hot day and six laps makes for a kick in the nutz.
My biggest fear of the day was getting started,, and the starting gate was packed with a whose who of fast guys all wanting to show their early season form.. 
I got a front row start and got off the line and up the hill clean..  As we all piled into the single track it was nothing more than a big dust cloud,, and I did not make and fancy moves to the single just let the start shake out..
I realized early that the first lap pace was going to be the pace of the whole race,, and holding on was going to be a fight.. 

Lap two started and I was still giving it as much gas as I could here again know it was going to be a long day at the Buck Hill,,, 
From here on out pretty much a blur,, some wheels were ridden my wheel was ridden,, I passed some guys got passed,, wrestled with lap traffic and cheered on teammates.. 
Can't say that eighteenth place is too stellar for me but seeing that 
I have done nothing super hard this spring 
I'll take that effort and on my single 36x18 any day of the week...

As for the boy I am super proud of him think that I have told him that 
a million times.
It was his first big event of the year and the first time really getting to try out the new bike and
racing up one class so having to do two laps.
He started strong and did not have to walk until the first ball up on the climb..
I found him coming through starting his second lap and he was tired but took a big drink of water and headed to the climb..
Only bit of melt down second lap as his lungs were burning and the 
push up the hill by the snow pile was wearing him out.

But he finished and was not DFL which made him smile..
I told him that he won the day being the only kid in the race on a one by one..

We got out of town just in time as the server weather 
hit moments after we had gotten out the 
Twin Cites..

So there it is Big as Life,,, Rocking Racing and Partying On..

More to come..

But now I want to ride my skateboard.

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