Friday, May 29, 2015

Sophisticated Bword

It is not a midlife crisis,,, is what I keep telling my wife..
No I am just a middle age man enjoying riding around on a Sk8 toy..
Lance Mountain in an interview a few years ago was talking about the youth culture and how the 
you don't see a lot of skater kids who are cutters.. 
What he was getting at is not only is that practice of  cutting ones self stupid,,
but the life of a Skateboarder is spent in a constant state of Pain and Glory.
I had come home the other night after a good ride on the single machine and then headed out to the 
park to roll around with the boy.
It was a good session,, working on new lines and dialing in old ones.
I had dumped it once early in the session playing a game of skate with Freddy,,  
and then a second time working on a 50/50 tail slide down the Hubba. 
It was this one that I caught my shin on the hubba's coping and it 
caused one hell of bloody welt to grow on my leg. 

Falling is just part of the game,, 

Since we are talking about rollerboarding,,, new wood is on the way..
Both the boy and I are in need of sticks as we are heading to 
Colorado at the end of June,, and fresh wood is the best wood.
The Rocket has another Curren Caples coming I found the
Graphic on this perfect for him,, to go along with his 
1x1 Karate Monkey,,
Now a happy slapper Monkey..

Me I went with another Gonz,,,
can't go wrong a Krooked,,, and I know that i have posted this next video a few times but it is so good
and we'll be skating there soon.. 

In bike Related news,, this weekend will be the third 
installment of the Minnesota Mountain Bike Series over in Manko..
This is a favorite of mine as they use the small ski area to it's full extent..
Last year it was a wash out,, with derailleurs being ripped off bikes and mud packing every inch of 
racing bikes. 
Mine never left the car,, so I am looking forward to lining up for this one.
On the fence on which bike to ride,, the Single or the Shifter,, I will need
to spend some time in the garage and see which one is more ready for a bike party. 
Regardless I went out and flogged my self on the road machine,, yes I said that
I rode the road and not dirt yesterday.
I made my self hurt and it was good. 
Next stop,, Bike Racing Land. 

Be Good to one another and as the Boss says 
Party ON!

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