Monday, June 1, 2015

BB King

Three races in to my shortened racing season and I am happy that a break is in my future.
I was super excited for yesterday and a bit nervous for the young Rocket,,
having to race the onespeed around all the hills that Mount Kato 
has to offer..
He started strong and came through on the second lap and started to push up the hill..
After a while of watching from a far i pedaled up to him and asked if he was ok..
He was but said that he would like to "DNF" at which point he turned and continued,,
Super proud of the kid for sticking it out.
It turns out that he just had a day of it making it his ride and 
going through the motions.. He even found a turtle he said and stopped and hug out with it for a while.. But more than anything he finished. 

For me I was as ready as I was going to be,, with a bit of trepidation
I found a spot in the starting gate behind all the fast guys. 
At the sound of the word go we were off and once again I slipped a pedal..
On and chasing I worked up the hill dangling off the front group.
As the selection was made I found my self with a group behind me..
Head down and hammering trying to get some separation little was found..
I tried to use the tech downhills to gain some and may have for a bit done so..
Second lap went ok but I could start to feel the pain creep in.
Third lap became it became more evident that I was doing to much and needed to sit in for a 
bit and was thankful to have the Chucker come along. Together for the forth we rode strong, but the whole time I could fell my legs starting crap if I pushed too hard..
Race almost done,, middle end of the lap.... a comp racer says hey you want to pass,,,
Yep,, he pulls off to the right of the trail to let me by and as I go past he wobbles hooks my bars takes us down "slow speed" and proceeds to bounce his face off my barend.. rendering my handlebars almost useless and knocking out one or cracking a tooth,, Ugly..
At this point in time I am done,, chasing back on to my teammate with nothing but carbon on the right side of the bike to hold onto,, I shifted into just get this done mode. 
I would not say that the thrill is gone,, but I would say I need to figure out what it is that i want to do from now on.. I have lost some of the love and luster for going in circles. 
I am over lap traffic and the mixture of different classes out on course while the elites are racing. 
It is my deal that I need to figure out. 
I just hope the kid that used my bars as a toothpick is ok. 

As for the rest of the Team they did awesome.. Jeff won and the Ginnerhammer
came in second.  The Black and White was on fire and even in the 
women Fisk pulled out a fifth place.
As for this guy their is not a lot if any racing on the calendar  for   June,, we have 
a lot going on and racing just wont happen. 
For now it is just time for head down Monday Bull Plop.. 

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