Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ripping Flesh

I have not woken up and headed out the door to ride this whole spring.
No I have been getting up and making coffee then
taking a nap.
But I needed to break the cycle and get out and pedal..
The single speed was just right and 
always goes where I tell it.. This morning was up,, then down.. It did not mind..
Felt good just an titch over an hour but it is what I needed,,
although that nap sounds pretty sweet now.

Yesterday was new wood Tuesday,, the boy and
I got some new Maple as we get ready for a 
trip to the 303
at the end of the month.
I went with a more traditional shape, which 
took a few laps to get used to again,, but once I got into it the 
board was really laying it down. 

This gem was put up to celebrate the Birthday of the 
mad scientist Mark Gonzales

He continues to inspire and keep the vibe buzzing. 

Here is the Vans Raw clips from Curren Caples this is the
young ripper that the Rocket Boy likes 
to watch,, this kid is smooth

Now time to get out and hump this day.

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