Monday, June 8, 2015

Monkey Shine

Simply said I took a vacation from my self this weekend..
It was much needed and much enjoyed.
Skipping a bike race that was three hours away from the house and just spending time 
at home doing the things that needed to be done was a prefect prescription for awesomeness. 

Friday was the last day of Fifth Grade for the Rocket Man,,
One last time skipping down the road,
hard to believe that he is going to be in middle school..
And for him the walk to school just got closer,, just across the street. 

Summer like weather showed up and greeted us with wonderful temps and blue
Again a prefect recipe to just get out and ride..
To soak it all in..
To not worry about watts, miles, kom's you name it just ride it all in.

Spent a good amount of time watching
                                                        the X games.. and saturday we got to
watch young
Curren win him self a gold in the Park contest. 
Kid is smooth and go real big when he needs to,,
now if I can just get that style to flow through the boy,,

Sometimes taking a step back and looking at things though a different 
pair of lenses helps the situation. 
Now just need to see what becomes of all that is flowing down the 
Glad that I have new waders cuz the river may run high. 

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