Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Green turns Blue

Mondays post was a cop-out and I am fully aware of that..
But then again for the three people that read my rants and rambles I am pretty sure that 
their day was not ruined.
To say the least I was on a mental recovery from a weekend of 
travel, family and partying. 
I even managed to get in some riding on skinny style tire bikes.

This summer  I have been lacking motivation due to many factors,
one being that I am missing a riding partner..
Even though my daughter and I did not ride and train everyday together we
at least good for a ride or two a week. 
She has a summer job that is working her more than she is used to and he team at school has lost another coach,, which is the team almost disbanded,, if their is anyone left..... And all of this has her riding very little if at all. 
So needless to say it is a summer of Flux here.
For me it is about renewal,, rebirth,, and remembering why it is all done in the first place.

That brings me to yesterdays ride. 
Me a gear and two wheels.... Leave out the garage with a plan in place,, 
Ride, Smile,, Sun,, All the good thing..
The Freedom of bikes
the places you can go the things that you can see...
This is what keeps me coming back for more and more..
I love,,,live and breath two wheels..
Not Back on it Never Left.. 

What is this?

Fresh Goodness.


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