Wednesday, June 10, 2015


We saw the most heat yesterday than we have in a few years.
Hot not humid just warm.
I had planed on waking up and riding,, but it a chore for me to 
get out of bed and be riding by 5AM.
So after a frustrating day of work I headed out to the trail to meet up with a few and 
just shake the legs out. 

That is all that it was,, 
it was good but nothing to go on and on about.. 
I  think that i am stuck in a funk of a rut and I am having a 
hard time getting to excited with
all that is supposed to be my cycling life.
Working on bring the fun back..
I see and hear it deep in my mentals.
I just need to dig deeper. 
Finding happiness in the strangest of places as long as you 
look at it right.

A golden haze of sunshine..

Skate Wednesday ,, Here is this

And Can't go wrong here

Get your Hump on and 
plow through this day..
Your favorite hero is not lost he just has not been found..
Party On to All!

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