Friday, May 15, 2015

Good Good Things About U

Finding time to get out and move the legs can be a challenge for 
me these days seeing as I am no longer commuting to work..
I do have to say that I miss the mornings of zen pedaling through the coffee fueled brake light infested mess that is the traffic around here.
More than anything it ensured me saddle time to and from work..
If I wanted I could stretch my route to include some climbing some single track 
or just meander down the Lacrosse river.
I always knew that their would at least be 70+ miles of circles on a given week depending on 
how I rolled.. 
Any more it a juggle to get the boy to Karate make dinner and find time to ride.
And as of late I have had no desire to ride my road bike so I have been riding 
dirty as much as I can.
I love it..
Sliding out the garage and riding the stuff that is right behind the house has opened up 
a new path of pain and fun. 
It reminds me a lot of  what I had in my backyard in my old home of Breckenridge.
There I could get out after dinner and bag an hour or so
of epic ridding accessing either some old mining roads or jumping right on to 
the single track in Carter Park.
Being a working dad of two I learned real quick that you take it when you can get and make the most of what you have. 

My back yard consist of
  an old mining road and lots of single track.. Lots in the scene that when ridden in the proper 
loop it takes any where from 20-30 minutes to complete.. And not because of the total miles
but more because of the shear up and down. 
Tight corners and steep climbs bring you to the top where you get to hug a ridge line and 
plummet towards the bottom.
The two guys who have been behind these gems are doing this all with blood sweat and tears. 
Soon things will start to get over grown and if the wind blows hard down trees will scatter the
trails,, but it always gets cleaned up and the movement continues.
This is not Flow trails,, this is the pure essence of Mountain Biking.. 
Hold on and let it go. 
There were stormy clouds all around last night and I did not think I would be able to get out.. 
But I was able to make it happen and I am so thankful that I did.
Here is a shot from the end of the Aspen Tunnel which was part of my back yard trail in

Here is a photo from the venue that we are to be racing this 
I am still on the fence if I am going to load the family up and go..
Weather looks real unsettled and I am not sure if I want to gamble with 
a chance for sloppy conditions.  Precrash DMC would 
not have even second guessed him self,, but anymore 
I am not sure that I want to put up with all that is a sloppy race weekend.. 
As the Gingerhammer said that is what Cross racing is for.. 

So with that 
bring on the weekend.
One For the DiamondWizzard

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