Monday, May 18, 2015


Well it is safe to say that I made the right call but it could still be debated that 
I should have gone..
I punted on going racing yesterday... I had all the gear ready to throw in the car,,
but when I woke at 5AM and checked the weather the forecast was not
good.. Chances for severe weather and really windy. 
These things together are one thing but when you throw the distance to be driven into the mix
I felt it was a no-brainier. 
For the stories I have heard it did rain and for a while it was pretty sloppy,, but for the elite race the trail got tacky and fast and a good fight was had up front between two legends of the sport.
In the end at the line Mr Creepy Friendly nipped Jeff Hall with 
the GingerHammer coming in third place. 
And as soon as the awards were over the skies opened up and the rain really began to fall.

I kept it local and rode the bike in the woods here,,
I did get to dodge some rain drops latter in the day 
and even found some time in the late afternoon sun
to go and rip around on sk8 toys with the boy.. 
While I 
missed out on seeing the team and hanging out with the crew talking about
bikes and bike related objects,
I found some peace in staying close and getting some much need 
Keeping the battery charged and my eyes locked in on prize.
I'll be ready for the next one,, and have a weekend of 
camping and playing in the woods coming at the end of this work week.
Ride Rest Repeat..

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