Monday, May 11, 2015

HoT Mess

Lately I have been running into a lot of bad customer service. 
Across the board in all walks of life.
I used to just think that it was an issue with the Millennial Generation,, but I have seen it 
in some older types too. 
It is an apathetic me first kind of mentality that is dragging this world down.
It is not hard to do good work,, and for years i have said that you almost have to try harder to screw things up than just do what it is you are supposed to do.   
I guess it would not bother me so much if I was not in the business of customer service,, 
I can't just blow a customer off or not give good service and expect nothing negative to come my way. 
I like to think that it is a pretty simple concept that is being lost somewhere and have no idea what the magic formula is to fix it.
The best that I can do is lead by example and try not to get bogged down in the quagmire.
Do good work and be Nice to people.. 

Ok,, enough of that don't need to break my leg monday morning falling off my soap box. 

The weekend has come and gone and now I sit here scratching my head trying to figure where it all went.?
I know that I got in some bike riding which has me marching to a different beat..
Almost like all the time spent not riding was just building me up for the time when 
my wheels would spin and I would be able to find peace again.
The miles are not huge and the rides are not all day epics where i have 
to stop at three different gas stations just for a nutty bar.
No they are me a bike and two wheeled freedom.
Going back and forth between the gears and the single 
have grinning from ear to ear. 

I got to take the boy and some of his friends to 
a movie to celebrate his eleventh birthday,, only to come home and find his 
older sister back from college.
That means that now it is a full house and 
the balancing act will be in full effect as summer is here,, even if no one has told the weather man.

Now time to go give great customer service and save the world one broken down 
appliance at a time.. 

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