Friday, April 24, 2015


The Rain has gone away and the sun has come out,,
not super warm but sun none the less. 
Bikes and boards have been out and rolling and smiles have been growing. 
I got a text message from The Rocket yesterday while coming home from work 
asking if we could go for a bike ride??? 
I could not believe it,, but the boy is super excited about his new 
bike and silly stoke about the race this weekend on Saturday..
So we geared up and went out to the neighborhood trails and 
did a few laps,, it was awesome to see him climb up a hill full speed on his new

I told him that he has two speeds on his one speed ... Stand up or Sit Down..
It will be a bit of a learning curve for him,, right now he is set up 34x21 and I think that I will 
get him a 32 narrow wide so if he ever wants me to put on 
gears I can.. I have told him over and over that i have a shifting set up if he wants.

After all that fun I took my shifter bike out and tried to see how my body 
would fell if I was racing.
My body said hey fat ass knock it off..
It was not all bad but it was hard work,,, and really when it comes down to 
it,,, I really enjoyed it.  The sun was shining and I was riding a bike really what could be better??

Finishing off the day with my fun little ripper on rollerboards at the

Sun Fun and wheels.. 
I think that maybe all these years I have been doing it all 
It is not about Placing or Podiums it
is about People,, Fun..and Smiles,, 
the Journey the experience...
Oh all the Places that you will Go
 Now get out there and see what you will find 
where the Sidewalk Ends and the fun Begins.. 

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