Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SaMe as It EvEr waS

As of today it has been a week since I had to leave the desert, and return to the world of the working man.. This is a hard adjustment I know that i was only gone for six days but you get use to 
not having to wake up and go to work real quick.
Especially on a day like yesterday when I needed to be at the 
job site at five in the morning.. 
Regardless I have been 
making sure that I keep working on the base that was built while pedaling around in the south west..

With the nicer weather that we have been experiencing here I 
have been leaving the garage almost everyday
on a two wheeled toy, telling myself that I know what it is that I am doing..
Over the past four days I have been able to put together
some nice rides on the two of the one speed devices that I love so much to ride. 

The first two daze were a bit of a kick in the faces,, as spring in this area can 
mean some mean winds and they were telling me what they
though about me being a want-to-be cyclist.
Monday I went out with the mind set of going up the dirt hill as fast as I 
could which rendered up a felling in the back of 
my stomach that I had not felt in a long while.

Yesterday I even rode with another person and so learned that the trails had
opened up,, so once again we headed up the new trail out of town and did a lap of the upper 
trails smiling ear to ear the whole time.
The Blackbuck does not disappoint..

The topper to a killer afternoon on bikes was heading to the 
rollerboard park just as the sun was going down to find the crew knocking out
some bangers.. We proceeded to shred until the lights came on and the session just kept getting better.
Finally I had to call it a day this old man was getting tired and after nailing a nolie tail slide 
on the cement wall I was good.
I so much look forward to the time that I get to spend with my 
boy rolling around being punks and pushing our 
body's to the limit.

I leave you with 
some AZ boys who know how to get it done in a place they call
Pyramid Country..

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