Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Double WiDe

Between the weather taking a turn for the worse and their not being enough light
in the day,, it is hard to find the time to get out and du what needs to be done.
I almost bagged it yesterday and did not leave the house even though
the roads were dry and it was not butt ass cold. 
My motivation was the fact that the LaMere was not only boxed up
but now on a FedEx truck on it's way down south.
I really had no excuses and only had about an hour of time before lights were going to be needed.
So I jumped on the Nature Boy and did the One Hitter loop out the front door..
It is called this because for the most part it is rolling roads till the 
mid way point till you get to a one mile long straight up hill.
The loop on my geared bike can be done in or just under one hour,, the SSCX sometimes takes 
a touch over an hour due to slog up the incline..
As normal it is a battle up the hill with only  being able to stand or sit pushing the early season 42x18
but I got it done and made it home in time for left over pork tacos..
Happy I left the house ,, Happy to be moving.. 2 or 4 wheels are never wrong. 
This is the sign at the top on the way down.. All Down Hill to home!!

Thursday sk8 day is coming back into play as the outdoor is covered in snow which will force us 
back into the indoor.. I know that this kid pictured here is thinking more about the desert than 
anything else at this time.. It has been three weeks or so since we have had to sk8 indoors...
It is great that we have it but have been spoiled with the great out of doors..

Speaking of indoors here is the winning run from Tampa the other day..

The Dude put on a clinic and just killed it,, some say that Nyjah got robbed but 
Oliveria's run was killer..

This next one show the determination that is need to jump down 20 stairs while
your board is flipping under you..

This is supposed to happen tonight and I am a bit scared
as it will be past my bed time and it is a Wednesday night..
But life is too short not to?

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