Friday, February 27, 2015

River Rat

Last night was #SPT that is Skate Park thrusday,, the one night of the week that the boy and I can get to sk8 due to all the Karate that he has.
It was a cold day in the park even with the heat cranked,, so it took a while to get warmed up..
And as I have mentioned it is a small park lines need to be worked on and 
the flow is a learned thing... I try to stay positive about all kinds of things and people that are there riding and trying to have a good time... For the most part it is populated by 99% Sk8boards.. from time to time some scooter show up and on a rare occasion like last night a Inline Skater..
I did not know that they still existed but they do,, and when talking about lines and flow these things are lost on a ride like this,,, dude was all over the place and not paying any attention to the 
rotation of people dropping in.. 
At one point in time he dropped on the kid as he was wrapping up his run and the boy almost went Apeshit, had to talk him down and explain that the inline fad wont last very long...

A video posted by Devin Curran (@curranski) on

Need to figure out how to get the boy to pop higher,, well at lest now he is not hanging up to face plant.. I think that it is time for a new board to stoke the fire.. 

In other new his big sister is coming home today so the food providers can go out and shake their asses off at the Horseshoes and Hand Grenades.. 

These guys put on a great show and this one is going to be at the Cavalier a spot that we have never been to and will next month host the Supersuckers..
So the old people that live here will have a late night trying to keep up with the young people of the world as the Boys from Point make us shimmy and shake..

Krooked has a new video part coming out later today,,
this one here is a shot clip about the man at the wheel of the company
the Gonz,,
This is the guy who I idolized as a youth,, he is creative and inventive,, and 
not slowing down as he gets older,,
Makes me want to skate and travel..

Well time for the friday grind,, hoping that if my head is clear tomorrow some outside riding will be had..

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