Monday, February 23, 2015

The Great Indoors

With only one week left in the month of February it is time for me to 
layout some plans for March.. My goal is for it to come in like a Lion and carry on the whole month trough.  According to Strava I am dead,, no action for the month so far,,
all the indoor riding is not very exciting.. As of now i am 
planning on going to the BMX track tuesday night and paying the fifteen dollars and riding around in circles over the jumps and through the berms..
It sounds like a good time getting to ride some dirt and see something new,,, even if I am dressed in stretchy clothes and looking like a dork..
But that is tomorrow and  I still need to get through today and this evening tempo session 
on the rollers.

My old man body is tired,, and sore,, four long sessions in a row sk8ing with the boy at the indoor play place,, can leave someone my age crippled.

The boy was lighting it up and really pushing him self which was great to see..
And at times he was more motivated than normal,, and took great pride
in helping out with the weekend goal of getting some of the holes repaired.
I got tired of asking when,,were they going to get fixed and just decided to do it my self. 

This was the first project and i'll be damned if it took more time than I expected,, you would
think that just cutting a few sheets of Masonite would be no big deal,, but sweet merciful crap..
When done it was not perfect but with what I was working with it was so much better.. 
It was James approved.. 

Friday night we met a young kid who was learning some new moves and skating pretty good but riding on an old ratty deck,, 
I told him that next time I saw him I would throw him a deck i had laying around,, he just had to stop pushing Mongo and get his feet right.
Well we bumped into him on Saturday morning and I think that he was a happy boy with my hand me down.. 

I had to twist the boys arm to skate on sunday, He was tired and only wanted to stay in the house and play with his Legos... I needed to do something it was negative some dumb ass degrees out and 
I have cabin fever..
I had enough time to replace another sheet that had a nasty hole in it and we got to listen to the RUN DMC that downloaded the other night,, and when it was done we ended up skating 
for another three hours... I am seeing some great progress in the boy and 
that is what this is all about,, I would not change it for the world..
I am a lucky dad to get to spend so much time with my Son..
off to work to start a new week,,

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