Monday, February 2, 2015


Packing all the details into a work week is enough to make a man grow old.
it seems to be a carnival ride of new and old issues just coming back around 
and making someone scratch their head. 
I tend to use my evenings away from work to decompress and get ready for what the next day brings. 
Last week was a good balance between riding in place on the rollers and 
getting to watch the kid grow with his Karate.
Throw in a skateboard session and now I fell like I am winning.
The only thing that would make the week better would be getting to ride my Blackbuck outside in the woods.
And that is what I did. 

Because this time of year overtime is off limits at work they chased me out the door 
early on friday.  This is ok with me because deep down I really don't want to be there I would 
rather be out in the sunshine,, which for once was shining on friday afternoon.
I headed out the door and made the decision to head up the quarry hill knowing that 
I may have to walk the really steep part due to snow and the 36x18 that I have been running.
After getting up and over the 30% grade it was like pedaling on a snow covered super highway.
I was smiling so dam big that my face started to hurt as I continued to pedal in my happy place.
The reason that I chose up the quarry was because I wanted to see what the Vista Trail was like.
As I started descending the trail was in great shape,, I was able to rail the trail as my  WTB tires hooked up in the snow... As I got closer and closer to the bottom of the trail the surface turned to ice,, ice and ice. It took all I had to keep the bike upright,, but I did and it was the perfect way to end the work week. 

 I followed that great ride up with another one on saturday morning,, this time knowing where the ice was and what I should and shouldn't be riding..  I climbed the Bliss of bliss road and dipped into the HPT trails, flowed as much as I could again not wanting to deal with and or crash on ice. 
I finished off with bombing down the quarry trail and again 
was nothing but smiles.. Almost felt like I knew what I was doing and that I had not spent too much time off the bike. 

Super Bowl Sunday,,, Would it be nice if the Packers were playing,,
yea sure ya betcha,, but I have to say not having any stake in the out come makes the 
day so much better.
The boy and I waited and waited for the park to open so we could 
go and work on some tricks and thrash for a few hours. 
We had the place to our selves not a soul showed up for the two plus hours that we rode. 
I spent the first part of the session cleaning or trying to clean the place up,.
Totally trashed,, crap everywhere and due to the fact that no one ever cleans the place the dust was starting to pile up.
The holes in the riding surface are starting to get out of hand if not 
taken care of soon,, they are only going to get worse.

This same hole took the boy out on thrusday night.. And this is one of many,, both half pipes 
have divots and holes and again they are not going to fix them selves. 
I do wish I had a magic money tree so I could open up
some kind of indoor outdoor park for kids and old guys to ride,, but i don't see that 
happening anytime soon.

This had been getting blasted through the home speakers a bunch lately and I have to say it is so Timeless.. so sit back and start your work week off with some good easy listing..

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