Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Slappy Da Face

I don't seem to be the only one in the world with a midlife Sk8 
Stevil over at All Hail The Black Market,, has been reliving the past and
embracing the present.
The Topic of many conversations have been about painted curbs and the 
perfection of the Slappy.

While all the skating here has either been in the Garage or one of the few indoor skate spots 
the boy and I are dreaming of 
the warmer days to come.. 
It is great to see the kids out and getting after it.. 

Speaking of kids 
this guy here got his start in the Middle West and then moved on to the land of milk and honey and 
now kills it for the Flip team.. 

I am dreaming about riding bikes and have been as 
much as I can,, the work that is getting done in the basement is only getting 
easier and easier,, but leaves me wanting more and more and again the 
trip to the desert can't get here fast enough.. 

Here is a clip from an old friend who is now in Europe and well when he was
here in the USA I chased and chased him never to catch him but making me faster in the process. 

Always makes me smile to see people killing with with Passion and doing something 
that they really want to do in life. 

I got a Text from the Boss yesterday to let me know that 
the Supersuckers will be playing a show next month in my neighborhood and I just 
may have to stay out past my bedtime and go and check it out.
It is always a Party On when Jay is involved..

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