Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Short Sighted

I have been feeling really trapped lately due to being indoors more than I have ever been in my adult life.. Some of it is by design and the rest is because of environment. 
I have to say that I have been missing the commuting to work,, at least then I was out in the elements and moving,, I can say I don't miss having to have six layers on just to get to and from work.
I miss skiing and as of a few weeks ago I could have gotten my skis out and tried to find some snow but with the lack of snowpack this year it has been tough.
Again miles are getting done and the work is their just being done in one place.
More miles in one place have been adding up this year than ever before,, I am hoping that i can get out on saturday and turn the pedals. 
Last night was not exception down in the chamber of solitude.. 
But I got to watch this and really enjoyed it. 

Spring is coming and when I close my eyes I can see visions if single track and spinning wheels. Even while spinning and going no where it helps to dream ,,,,,, anything to help dream of warmer days..

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