Monday, February 9, 2015

BreaKing Dad

Monday morning starts with a dark walk through the house to check on the boy.
Take his temp and tell him to stay in bed,, He is not running a major fever but not well enough to send off to school so that means that I get to spend the day at home as dad.. 
That means recovering from the weekend in style. 

Got home friday to find a box on the front step,, which contains a new set up of Magura Brakes..
We'll call this on 3.0 and will be going on the carbon shifter bike,,as I get it ready for the 
Been thinking that I would be fun to have the single speed down there instead but 
from my in-laws house to any of the trails their is some 5 plus miles of flat road followed by big hills,,, shifting sounds good.

The boy and I hit up the 3rd Lair Saturday morning since we were in the 612 to sell his old MTB..
The Saturday morning sessions is normally my favorite due to the lack of traffic 
but this was not one of those days. 
Their were not a ton of people but enough kids with their heads up their asses that it made the session a hard one..  Nothing like dropping into a line and having to bail or hit the breaks cuz some dumbass is not looking or paying any attention..
I did not have the best session but the boy seemed to and enjoyed his time riding the spine ramp.. 

I keep telling my self that I wish I had not taken close to twenty years off of riding my Sk8 
toy.. The past year has been a series of ups and downs as I relearn old tricks and start to learn new ones.  I also know that I probably would have never jumped back on the board if it was not of the Boy..
What this has been doing to our relationship is  unreal,,, the time we get to spend together and the experiences are worth all the aches and pains cuts and bruises.. 
With that said we 
were back to the Indoor sunday for redo redemption session that was about as good as it can get in our small little park.
Still working on tricks still landing on my ass,, but smiling.. all the time. 

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