Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sk8 Video Wednesday

So February has come in like  a Lion and has covered the 
ground around here with that white stuff,, making it feel more like winter than it has for months.
Yesterday it got people all freaking out as 1-4 inches was to fall in the afternoon.
This promoted the canceling of the kids Tuesday night karate class,, which 
meant we got to go get rad on the sk8 toys.
So I give you some
Wednesday Sk8 inspiration.   
This first one is from the company Run by the legend Mark the Gonz Gonzales.
In this one the guys kill the Potato Chip at the park in Arvada Co.. 

The Next one comes from the Flip team,, the boy has been riding a Flip board and loves it..
Here in the video not only do you get to see the boy's Idol Curren Cables but they 
go and skate AZ making a stop at the Park in Sedona.. The back drop here is stunning and the park is top notch,. we sit and wait for our trip to come.. 

In this last one from Foundation and Vans it shows the true creativity of skating and how anything and everything can be turned in to something to get rad on.
Watching these guys shred this letter F reminds me that I am old and I need to stick with 
what works for me..

And finally the boy and I spend a lot of time together in the car going to spots 
and listing to music,, he has been learning what it means to make 
a cover song and it is fun when he can not only pick out a cover 
but knows who did it first and then who does it better..
We listened to this one last night on the way back from the library.

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