Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cru Isn't You

What happens when you take a cycling deprived junkie and insert an indoor 
BMX track at the end of February? 
That said head case will ride around in circles for a few hours until the
skin is gone from his hands.. 

I rode the Single Speed down the snowmobile trail to Toads Cove indoor BMX arena for a 
drop in,,,bring what ever bike and ride night..
I had no idea what to expect never being on a true BMX track.
Most people were showing up with Phat bikes and dirt jumpers, maybe one other single 29er there along with mine. 
After the first time around getting a lay of the land I got a feel for what to do and what not to do..
I spent the next ninety minutes trying to balance the two of those ,,, going fast but not ending up on my face..  By the time i was done their was little flesh left on my hands,, and little juice left in my legs.. and I still needed to ride home. 
Safe to say it was fun and got me even more excited for when the dirt comes back to my life. 
And after going around and around I don't have to worry about doing intervals tonight as I am pretty sure that I got that done last night.. 

The Pedal home was a bit of a Fade to Black,, but not as awesome as this Guy...

Next up for the old guy in transition is a thursday night 
sk8 session,, just need to get through 16 hours of work first..
It is the little things that keep me moving..

These Guys are Just Fat Bike Tires 
one of the best Rock Bands of my Time,,

Here is a short clip of me 
going around in circles... 

Now back to the life of being a Fix Guy.. 

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