Friday, February 13, 2015

Jack Boots

I keep getting emails from USA cycling telling me to 
come back or to get my license renewed now or commit to your goals and 
save money now. 
I want to reply but stop short of doing this... After some ten plus years of buy and renewing I stopped last year.. I could not justify the onehunderedandfifty dollars for a small piece of paper.
Last year the Minnesota series dropped its USA sanctioning allowing you to now race the elite division with out a license and for the younger ones not have to get a one day. 

Now I don't have any major beefs with USA cycling but the question always comes up 
what is it that they are doing for you and why are the cost of the License so much.
Last year saw the first major increase in  the cat 1 mountain bike license going from 50-60 dollars up to 75.. The Pro went from 150 to 175,, now this is where I had in issue. They called this an 
international license and for a guy like me who was never going to leave the country to race I was confused why I need to spend so much. Then came the separation with the Minnesota series and 
knowledge that I probably would not race a single WORS race, so the decision was not that hard. 
What I could not do last spring was race a road race which I was ok with and then come fall other than a Bandit cross race with out a one day could not race cross... Again none of these bothered me that much and after the disaster in Texas for nationals I can see more and more cross races stepping back from USA cycling... 

Why this rant?? Not really sure other than my inbox filling up with reminders.. The words of my old coach ring in my ears,,, " once you don't buy your license you better find a new passion".
For once I proved him wrong,, the passion is still there and the drive to compete and go fast is not gone,, I don't need a small slip of paper the stoke the fire..
Badges we don't need no Stinking Badges.. 

Now as awesome goes I was watching the boy last night try some new moves 
and he was hitting the deck hard but he kept getting up and trying and trying.
Get up move and make it happen it is Friday and no one can take that away from you..
Party On..

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