Monday, February 16, 2015

All 2gether Now

It had been real real cold out the past week or so.. Not as bad as last year but not good for going outside and riding bikes. So far this month I have not been outside to ride,, which is something that I am not proud of but it is what it is the indoor miles are getting done and after looking at my mileage totals for the year I am happy with that.

So it is cold and we did not want to be cooped up in the house over the weekend so we made a last minute trip east to do some skateboarding and to go see the Pip at college. 
The family truckster was loaded down and we fought the wind as we drove to the burbs of Milwaukee to the Cream City Sk8 park. 
Again another new spot for me and the boy and I knew that it was going to be good when we walked in and Dinosaur Jr was blasting through the speakers.
The layout was a mix between the 3rd Lair and Familia,, Lots of ledges and cement curbheads to grind and slide. 
I think at first the boy was a little overwhelmed due to the lack of transition to skate and he is still working on his Ollie's and street like tricks. 
As the temps heated up and the crowed swelled the tricks and lines got better and better. 
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After a solid three hour session Mama Bear picked us up and we headed north this time to go and 
hang out with the Pip.
We got checked into the sleeping spot and Sophia met up with us in time to head to the pool,, the kids shot hoops in the swimming hole while mom and I got to hang out in the hot tub and crack a few beers.. I was nice to have the Family all back together. 
Like the good parents that we are we took the kids out on the sleepy one horse town that Ripon is and tasted the local food. 

At  times it was like James did not even know that we were there he was so excited to have is sister 
near by spending to spend valentines day with. 
Dinner was good and it was nice to have our Sober Driver with us,, not that she was needed but 
always a perk. 
Kids hit the pool again and my eyelids were getting heavy sleep would come all too soon. 

Sunday was again Cold and we jumped in the Rav and drove to a neighboring town so we could take
the oldest shopping at Target,, the kid was in desperate need of clothes.
We dropped he back off at school and she showed us her dorm room which I tried to take a picture of but it is so damn small that I could not even put it in to perspective. 
 I am sure that some inmates have more living space then this kid does. 
It better be a good education because the living conditions are tough,,,, not sure what I am paying for. 

After driving home their was still enough day left to get to the local indoor and kill some time. 
Again it was a typical sunday being only me and the boy there,, and this was nice after the day before being out of his element.
We worked on some new moves and rocked out to good music 
Watching the boy work on tricks and then make them work is enough to put a smile on this old mans face..
After a solid weekend once again it has left me feeling sore and old,, but I would not give it up for anything. 

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