Friday, February 6, 2015

Freeze Up coming

As the work week winds down,, or with in the next ten hours or so ,, the boy and I have
to finish our plans to take him to the next level. 
We have been planning for a while now to sell his MTB from last year and build him up something 
The joke on the boy for the last few years is du you ever shift that bike and the answer is normally no.
He'll leave the start line and return with the bike still in the middle rig and 
half the way up the cassette.. And he always states that he was able to ride every thing up 
hill as long as their are no clogs on the trail.
So this being said we are working on building him up and new single speed for this coming season.
Working with the Boss AKA Hollywood we are getting him into a
 Surly 1x1 and will be building it up with new and recycled parts from the garage,, I may have to call in a few favors from some of my sponsors and try to track down some 26" wheels,, but 
when it is all said and done it should be a pretty sweet ride and it should raise the fun factor to a new level. 

So we are driving up and meeting a fella that wants his current bike for his two kids and we keep the cycle of young ones on wheels and having fun moving.
It mean that two of us get to stop out in 
Golden Valley and ride the the 3rd Lair for a few hours and try out some of the new moves
that we have been working on and maybe find a few new ones. 
I know that the Rocket will be excited as he had some new Vans show up yesterday.
I the course of six months he has skated through his last pair,, leaving mom wondering what she has gotten in two with the two of us blowing through gear... 

So now just need to get through this friday and on to the fun at hand..

Back to the conversation the other day about covers..
Here is a fun one.. 

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