Friday, February 20, 2015

Shackle me Knot

It is flashback friday Right? I found this while flipping through pictures on my phone, the other day... this is a five days after my accident and was the first time that I was allowed to take a shower,,  still shattered and beaten,, and to this day when I see these images it just makes me mad.... But I am not sure what I am mad at... At times time I think that i am mad at cycling,,, my love,, my passion,, the one thing that would get me out of bed day in and day out.. Other times I think that the anger is directed at my self for getting my self into the situation. Other times I think that i am just mad and can't control it... It has been a tough winter,, I still love the bike and riding the bike but at times I am just not in love and  I keep waiting for that spark that will light the fire and make me burn for the revolution again.. 

Last night was a Hey Lets go skate Thursday...
I had some new shoes to break in and the boy was going to be rolling on some new bearings.
On the way to the Park we picked up one of the local pro kids 
who was heading out for a birthday skate session,, oh to twenty three again,,, wait not sure if 
I want that,,, I was sooo young and dumb in my early twenty's
Regardless it was a solid 
thrash session of ripping and grinding..  
The young Rocket continues to impress me with his learning and growing into the 
sport of Sk8 Toy riding.. 

The TenyearOld was flying last night and was really starting to move across the lip of ramps,,
I think the new bearing that he installed were making a huge difference..
The new sk8 slippers for me were real real nice,, my loving wife continues to shake her head 
on how many shoes the young one and I have skated through in the last year but as I say it is the cost of doing business.. 

This is going to be a no travel weekend for us,, I am hoping to get outside and ride a bike,, we'll see how the weather shapes up,, looks as if tomorrow I may have a window to ride..
Their is a fat bike race up at Holzinger but with out a fat bike and not wanting to spend twenty five dollars to race I will probably avoid that.  For ten bucks less
on this coming Tuesday the local indoor BMX track is letting people bring in their bikes and rip 
the dirt track for three hours..  It sounds very tempting and would be nice to get to see the inside in person. We may just have to take the Blackbuck for a spin and fly a few jumps there..  

But for now I don't want to grow up and don't plan on it anytime soon..

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