Friday, January 30, 2015

Dropping N

Thursdays afternoons have been a blast lately as the boy and I have been able to make it to the indoor after work and school.. 
It has worked out that Thursday is the day being the only night of the week that he does not have karate and the only day that we can be in the car heading there by four o'clock.
Yesterday he was extra motivated due to the fact that his first issue of Thrasher Mag had shown up in the mail.
This was one of his christmas gifts that yielded him a tshirt and some pages of sk8 inspiration. 
Now I don't want to sound like the old stick up the ass guy that is always writing to Bike Mag and complaining about words used and the content of the magazine. But I do have to say that twenty five years later reading the mag again the content sure has changed. 
I think that a lot of it is that the world has changed and for the most part there is nothing in the pages that is going to be some kind of crazy corruption to a young mind, but it for a moment made me feel like an old man. 

Regardless of all of that the session at the park was super good,,, I was rocking some new bearings that were smooth and fast which was nice for a change.
All the Pro kids were there throwing down and raising the stoke level..
New lines and tricks were being thrown down the old man body bounced more than went thud,,
and the boy was letting it loose,, trying some new stuff and getting 
cheers from all in the building.
As Stevil has mentioned a few times at this age it is tough to not be in pain all the 
time as us middle lifers get back on four wheels and try to keep up with the rad ones.
It is all about keeping the fire glowing and the passion flowing..
After scouring the internets I was able to find a new pair of TNT's for the boy..
Wanted the new ones but hard to find in his size... This has to be one of the best shoes that I have skated in all the way back to my youth,,  My better half shutters at how many pairs of shoes me and the boy are going through.. Skate and Destroy!! 

My goal for this weekend is to get out and ride in the woods,, I will be pedaling in solidarity for all my brothers up in the 612... They will be Ice Racing tomorrow then racing the City of the Lakes Loppet on Saturday. The numbers for the loppet race will be huge as the Twin Cities is drunk on all things Fat Bike. 
For me it will be the Blackbuck and some two inch tires,,which with the snow pack being what it is here should be fine. 

One for the weekend!

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