Monday, January 26, 2015

Looking out the Ear Hole

The monday morning stiffie is in full effect this AM..
Come on now not talking about morning wood,, It is that full body tightness that 
comes from throwing you sack of bones around all weekend long. 
Top that off with the inability to sleep last night and that leaves this old 
man tired and sore.
But what this does mean is that it was a good weekend of 
And it was needed after a tough friday of broken things. 
I had two repairs that just did not want to be fixed and the sucked the life and hours out of my day, and at this time I don't think that either is fixed yet due to bad parts sent from the manufacture. 

Anyway we ended up at dinner the Three that live here and after the first beer was down and 
the urge to kill was lowered the Rocket Boy asked "when are we going to Sk8 this weekend"?
He was still all fired up from the night before and wanted some more glory.
Mom proposed for us to head to the 612 and ride at the 3rd Lair.
So that we did.
We got there and the place was empty,, like I had never seen before.
The boy found a bunch of other young ones to ride with and the session was
Two and a half hours later tired ,, sweaty.. and hungry we walked away with new trick and stories to 
tell at the local park here at home. 

that is where the next stop of the loaded weekend was.  We hit up the local indoor yet again and 
again for us the park as empty as it normally is on a sunday.
Both of us tired and worked from previous sessions but still eager to work on new and old tricks.
The old guy here finally got him self to front side 50/50 on the mini which then turned into a
front smith and Rocket just kept pushing it up and up to the coping again and again. 
The two of us can't wait for outside skateboarding to come back. 

I topped off the day with a quick but good ride out on the Blackbuck,, temp was around 32 so on the edge of tolerable. I pushed the summer like gear up the paved road then down through the quarry and pretended to be a Phat biker as I floated above the snow on my WTB 9line tires. 
It is easy for me to say that by the time I was done and working on making dinner 
I was good and cooked from all the movement.
So it is funny that I could not sleep.
Oh well I'll have to catch up on that sleep as my day goes on..   

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