Sunday, January 4, 2015

HaPpY FuNsTiCk

The New Year has come and gone,, and I could not be happier. 
Now in my old age it is no secret that I am not a big fan of the 
Holiday. I do love having the day off but don't need to stay up late to see fireworks and as resolutions go.... I think that is all just a bunch of horse plop.
As the work day ended I was able to slip out and grab the boy and 
head down to the skatepark only find out that it was closed due to the fact that it was new years eve. 
More Horse Plop.
So back to the house and shred the garage while listing to some old school punk rock.
The wife and kids watched movies about middle earth and I enjoying a documentary about 
Christian Hosoi,, if your are a fan and old like me you should watch.
I was sawing logs before the new year came dreaming about backside airs and single track.
As I woke up to find 2015 here it was nothing but breakfast and strong coffee and 
out the door on the Blackbuck.
Little to no snow was on the ground last week and the single speed was itching
to ride. 
By the time I made it to the Vista trail I was bummed to see that people have been riding on it and walking and running while the trail is soft.. Huge ruts from 4+inch tires and foot prints were all 
frozen into the ground. 
For me it just added to the traction of climbing ,, but that is beside the point trails
are not supposed to be used when wet or that soft.. 
Regardless it  was a great ride climbed the hill like it was summer and floated over the small sections of ice and snow that were hidden on the north sides of the trail. 
Flash-forward to saturday the young one and I 
drove up to the 612 to get some radness going in both the 3rd Lair and the Famila skateparks.
Both parks 
were pretty empty and the boy and I were having a blast.
I got my self some new wood and turned up the session to eleven. 
The lair allows scooters and I know that I have ranted about this before but these kids on
those scooters just have no clue about flow or who's turn it is!
After skating a month old board that looked twice its age I went out to the shop and 
scored some new wood and I have to say everyday should be new wood day.. 

The next stop was all the way downtown to the Family HQ skatepark.
This is a no nonsense park more street orientated and owned by Pro Skater 
When we showed up their were maybe a dozen guys ripping around.
These guys all rip and were flying and flipping and sliding any and everything.
Not saying that the boy and I were out of our element but we 
were not riding at the same level as the crew there.
Needless to say everyone was super cool and encouraging of the young James.
After an hour and a half of shredding the place started to fill up
and he and I were tired and sat back and watched.

   Another solid day of ripping today at the local park it is safe to say that the
boy and I are good and tired.. 
We are only four days into the year and we all have been having a blast.
More to come,, Sure,, Changes,, maybe.. Smiles all
around You Know it!

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