Monday, January 12, 2015


I spent yesterday morning watching the social media blow up..
It started off with a phone call from my 
kid who was on her way back from Texas and heading home to school.
She called to inform me that due to weather the Big Show on sunday had been 
I had no coffee in me and was coming down with some sort of virus 
so I could not really understand what she was getting at..
So I hopped on the interwebs and like I said things were blowing up.
Race was postponed then just canceled and the police were called in to help clear the park.
All day Saturday it rain and rain and the park took on a lot of moisture,,
it then proceeded to rain hard all night long.
The Park that the National Championships were being held at is from what I am told the crown jewel of  Austin park system.
Ok here is my 2 cents..
Did the promoters not speak of what cross is to the city before selecting the venue,,
did the Parks department not realize  what  would happen when thousands 
of cyclist showed up to ride and race and all their friends and family would tromp all over the park to get the best view of the event.
Was their a rain plan,, does it ever rain in Texas??
In my eyes this was poor planing across the board,, did no one look back to the races held here in Wisconsin when the same event was held and similar conditions were had?
Did Austin think that this would just be another music festival for dudes in skinny jeans and funky hats to hang out and take selfies?
I think that this just shows where cycling is in the USA, and for all those involved that look to the European model of the sport we are not even close. Had this been over the pond the crows would have been doubled in sized and the most epic day of racing would have been had.....because this is what cross is right?
So today Sundays races will be held and for those Pro's who could change their flights or hold off going back to their day jobs......which 95% of them have,,, again not europe..  The course has been modified and the tree root systems that were endangered are all now covered up and a National Champion will be crowned.
Lets hope that all other cities to host the National Championship event from here on out learn from this...

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