Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hang Around a While

Cleaning bikes in winter is one of my least favorite things to do.. I don't mind making them all sloppy gross it is just the aftermath in the garage that brings me down. As of now one of the two bikes that I have been riding is cleanish.
My main goal,,when cleaning this time of year  is to get all the salt and crap off and make sure that things are rolling about and clean.

The Blackbuck took a beating on Sunday as the crushed gravel trails were a mix of frozen dirt,,, soft dirt,, wet dirt,,, and snow..
All the water that spit up on me and the frame froze in the 32degree air.

After letting the ice thaw while hanging in the stand I got after it with my doctor Browners cleaning spray. Wiping down and polishing making the bits and pieces shine takes time but oh so worth it.

I spent some time on the phone with Mr Slate the owner of WTB and Of Spirit "Blackbuck".
It was good to catch up we have not chatted since November,,
The conversation started with healing as we are both coming back from injury,, and how
when you can't do what you want to it can take you to some dark places..
Then we talked about single speed riding and the why and how it can really break up
the mundane of everyday riding and add new challenges and new opportunity's  line and ride selection.
And we finished up with the power of steel and 
how when used properly can make for one real enjoyable bike riding experience.
I don't have as many miles on my Blackbuck as I would like due to my untimely fall,, but I have to say that all the miles that I do have in have been quality through and though.
This is my sixth steel single speed bike not counting my cross, and each and everyone had their own personalty.  So far what I am feeling from this one is that it is an all day machine,, as happy with going out exploring and it is pinning down some crazy single track.
I think back to the weekend that I broke it in up at SSUSA... from the first pedal stroke to the last all the bike did was want to go... I just had to tell it where and how fast.
Long and short pretty stoked on the ride of the bike.
And seeing as it is buy far the most affordable one yet that makes the smile grow even bigger..
Mark was not messing around when he designed this rig.
If you are looking for a snappy ride this is the one for you..

Ok back to the torture chamber for a some more circles to no where... Weather man said that it was going to be 40+ out today and he lied,,, so Inside it is and dreaming about

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