Friday, January 23, 2015

Step Off

A solid session at the Indoor last night was just what I needed and a great break from 
the inside torture chamber and riding rollers. 
It was good,, I stayed up right while dialing in some tricks that I have been working on along with learning some new moves,, but it was the boy who was on fire. 
I am not sure if it was the Dew or the cheers from all the guys on the 
deck but he was pushing it. 
He started off the night working on some flat land and managed to learn 
some backside 180 ollies then took him self to the 
mini and started working on his 50-50 stalls. 
After the first two were close he nailed on and the smile across his face was crazy. 

This guy here explains how to do the trick but I can't understand a thing that he says.. 
Regardless as the evening went on the Rocket was able to 
grind a few and even had a few good diggers off the lip.
He was on fire so much he took him self to the 5 footer and rode with the big dogs.. 

Here is a clip of the big dogs from their trip to Creme City..
It is great that he has guys like this to look up to as 
they skate in ways that this old guy just can't yet..
I am working on it but at the same time as I still heal I need
to remember that I need to be able to walk the next day..

And I need to be able to hide in the basement and try to 
ride like this guy..

As this Friday rolls on time to drink more and more coffee...
I have a tough fix today,, a Evap Compressor and Heat Exchanger all
going into an under the counter Sub Zero..
By Far the toughest thing that I will
do all Spring.
Bring on the weekend.

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