Saturday, January 17, 2015

D-Boon is my Co-pilot

I love GOOD music and like to listen to it loud and get all pumped up and move around and jump and shout..  I can even handle a bit of hip hop... I am not talking about the classic ... The Bboys,, RUN DMC ,, Grand Master Flash etc.. 
Ok so the story goes the boy and I headed over to the inside Sk8 Park to squeeze in the last few hours of the day.. The place was ours for the most part,, so I hooked up my phone to the small fender speaker to crank out some old school punk rock to help with the skate session. 
About a half hour into the riding a few other guys show up,, now these are some of the rad youngster,, the switch-nollie-crooked-to-fakie...flipping..spinning.. variety.. Full on respect for their 
ability's,, even if they look at me as some weird old guy trying to relive his past.
Well the leader of the cool guy vaping crew unplugs my phone and in 
goes his and on comes some shitshow hip hop.
Nothing but Bitch Ass Nword Fbomb Nword bitch ass etc,,, and not just one 
song but over and over and over and over.
So much that the boy comes to me as says dad can we go I don't like the music,,
At this point they all head out to smoke a cig and take their crap with them so 
after a few moments of silence I get some music cranking again..
This time some Bad Religion,, No Control,,, This once again helps push out the bad and in with the good.
I cost 5 bucks a head every time me and the boy go and ride,, and this park is owned by the
guy who I used to work for at the bike shop,, where I was coined with the DarkHeart nickname
by one of ultra religious friends for listing to Jane's Addiction. 
While working at this bike shop we had strict restrictions of the music that could be played over the speaker system in the place. 
I am pretty sure that if  Mr Johnson knew of the music being played or ever stepped foot into the park his brain may explode.  

All that being said it was a good session,, I made some progress and even
tested gravity a few times and walked away to tell the story.
Both the boy and my self are looking forward to skating outside and exploring the parks down in the valley of the sun.

Sunshine is a good thing and being outofdoors is even better.
I need to get into the garage and start getting bikes set up for riding on pavement and dirt.
Yesterday a box from a French company 
showed and bikes need to be Prepped.

It has been a long time since I have been on Time Pedals I was religious 
about them for years and years,, my first big bike deal with the Wily Team 
we all got Time and smiles were had all around. 
So need to do some switching around and get out and do some riding today.
This old sk8 beaten body could use some pedal time.. 

And the whole time I will be rocking out to good tunes in my head.. 

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