Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chicken Farm

Still trying to deal with this shoulder injury that I gave my self back in late October, and have since pissed it off a few times by tweaking it.
I probably should have gone to the doctor last calendar year while I had my deductible all maxed out. 
From everything that I have read it can take up to twelve weeks for a sprain of the A/C joint to heal and that is if you don't make it angry and if that is really what the issue is.. Again from all that I have read I am pretty sure that is what the issue is.  Lots of Ice and KT tape and Aleve seem to be helping..  Learning to crash on the sk8toy with out putting my arms out is also a big plus.
At times at my J-o-B the weird positions that I have to get into can be a big pain but I guess that is just part of the fun of work and getting old??

The one place I do find that my hurt wing does not feel that bad is while I am on the back
of one of my two wheeled joy machines.
Yes I have been riding indoors... Now that the oldest is back at school her room has been turned into a workout place where me and the wife have our bikes set up,, hers on a trainer and mine on the
Do I want to be outside riding yes and I have been getting out when when I can,, yes I am the one
cyclist in the upper with out a Phat Bike.
But that is ok I sit and watch hours and hours of Skateboard videos so
I can come up with more funner ways to Thrash and maybe throw my self to the ground.

This is a real good one with some kickass skating in it with some of my favorite people to watch rip.
And while watching it I can say hey I have been there..
Funny their has been a lot of discussion about skateboarders who have become cyclist
mostly drummed up by this Guy.. 
But I guess it all rings true when you consider that both the Bicycle and the Sk8toy are nothing more 
than Freedom Machines..
As you individuals they were the key to adventure and a way to keep your self busy outside well after the sun went down. 
For me the bike came first a hand me down Schwinn that I loved then came my Stomper which is still in the garage which was at the height of the BMX craze of the 1980's.
But something happened in 84 a got a Veriflex and it was on,, I saw the Bones Brigade Video Show and all I wanted to do was ride my Board. 
Both have taken me all over the country exploring and having fun... just add a few wheels,, a couple dudes and something to jump on or over and watch out. 
And from here on out it will not end anytime soon.... Now If I could Just get this appendage to act like it should i'll be on the fast track to Awesomeness.. 


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