Friday, January 9, 2015

Now a Left Turning

I am not sure but I am pretty sure that I am not going to be able to top last Saturday..
The boy and I with the car all loaded up to the twin cities to hit two 
wonderful and totally different sk8parks.. 
I am going to put my best foot forward and see what happens.. 
More fresh wood did show up this week so I now have a back up to the fresh Foundation board from last week.. 

 And much like fresh rubber on my bike or a fresh pair of bibs everyday should be 
new wood day..

New is good and at time it is more important than anything else.
After my head slide in September I have been in need of 
a new lid as mine blew up like the Drill Sargent in Stripes..

And not to mention that Uvex has had to recall all their helmets in the US
and now I am back to the Company that has covered my 
head for so many years,,,

And if that was not was not enough bike stuff for this guy who is not on a comeback because he never left..
I found out today that MR. Ping is going to now AKA,, MR.. Time USA is going to take care of 
all my Pedal needs,, and even asked if the PIP would like to 
ride the Time.. 

I sent her a Text to tell her that she got her self a new hook,, and then told her that her and Teammate Ben did a good job racing the team relay today down in Austin during the CX nationals. 
Just the two of them,, pretty tough going up against teams of for,, but even better is that they got to see the course at race pace. 
Now that little shit gets to eat some good food and go to the Pro Party at the shop owned by the guy who once raced bikes then got banned for life because he did what everyone else did but just better. 
Lots of high fives and selfies going on there. 

Friday means that it is the weekend and that means that beer is going to get to be drank
and that is more awesome than showing up to 
work on a monday.
So here is to all the races and skaters it is 
the day that we are all working for.,.

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