Monday, January 19, 2015

Keys in my hand

I hate watching weekends go by so fast but they always seem to fly by.
I really enjoyed my self this weekend starting off 
with a Friday afternoon session with 
the boy at the indoor
then straight into 
What can you make for dinner with these three ingredients. 
And all I did was win.

After getting all jazzed up saturday morning with this new coffee contraption 
I was off to the Garage workshop to get 
bikes ready for some riding.
Got the New Time pedals installed on the Nature Boy and fiddled 
with my old set of race blade fenders making it so I would not get all muddy with road slime.
Bike was set supersuit was on and out the door I went. 
Now I know that no one cares that you singlespeed and nor do I 
so  the fact that I was out riding on one really means nothing to you just me. 
But I really find that this time of the year it is such a good way to squeeze in every inch of 
work that you can into a ride. 

This one was no different,,, quite roads and a hill and a half to wake up the 
Still for what ever reason not riding with music in my ears just in my head. 
Not sure if or when this may change.. I have been riding with out ever since 
my digger at the shitwamogen. 
All said and done the fenders were not needed and if not the 
grumble in my gut probably would have kept on going. 
I felt so good to be out of the dungeon and pedaling and really getting somewhere.

Sunday was super mellow as I waited for the garage to dry out. 
I wanted to go back to the indoor but the boy
had other ideas..
So it was back to one-hitter-box working on smith grinds
and tail slides which just keep beating the crap out of me..  I better figure it 
out soon or just live in constant pain. 
All of this was followed up with a 
football game that left us wondering what if.
But that is that and it is over so back to more important things
like riding on Two and Four wheels. 

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