Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chinese Fire Drill

Have not taken a chance to just relax after the 
last race in Duluth. With  back to back weekends of racing I had all 
intentions of chilling out on monday. I ended up
taking the kids up to HPT and sent Sophia out to DU the 
TT that was going on. I figured good for her racing the day before 
to go out and do a lap and do it hard. She did well 45 mins she has some
time to make up I told her under 40 would be a good target.
James and I went and rode some single track... He is still working on
clipping he can clip out no problem it is the getting in,,, which is the inhearent issue with 
SPD's. I had no desire to do a TT but was talked into it. I could tell that 
I was tired as I was all over the trail even one time almost going over the bars. Still managed to do it in 32:49,,,,, 2 1/2 minutes faster than the field...Pretty sure with happy legs I can go sub 30..
Now nothing until the boarder battle one of my least favorite races.... but need to be there 
for the team. Until then more and more miles.. I fell like I am in some of the best form of the summer
and with the fight and work that I had to do on sunday I am ready to give it a go again. 
Ready set go..

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