Friday, July 29, 2011


Another week in the books...
Another flat this morning...going to have to tear the rear wheel 
apart and see what is going on. It is getting old.
Big test on Sunday up in Elk River,, need a good race
to keep my self up in the overall standings.
Fun ride with the young Pip this afternoon.. Sun was shining and the wheels were 
spinning. Spinning fast enough to get past the 50 mph mark that 
I have been trying to get by. 
May have 
to shoot the Moon this evening been a while since the misses and my self
 have had a night out.  New bike in the work for her....Shhhhh not that she reads this
but if all goes well she should feel faster. Time for
my self to start thinking about next season and a new frame. So far so good but a 
change is coming I can feel it.. 
Now ride you bike and drink some beer cuz friday is hear and that is a good thing.

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