Monday, July 18, 2011

The Harder they Come

To call racing this weekend in Duluth hot is an understatement.
Hotter than last week at Buck maybe,, but I was on the bike for a longer time. 
Pre-riding on Saturday,, the lap felt fast and short,,,that was sat.
Race starts at the bottom of a grassy hill and links into a 
gravel road to the top of the ski hill. I followed 
Brendan and Heath to the top and Jesse took to the front.
Hit the single track in 3rd and then Scott came around. I chased that Trio hoping that 
some gaps were building. So far so good warm but not cooked yet.
At the bottom of the decent Joshua came around and I watched the front four pull away as we climbed up the 
long top to bottom gravel road. 
Lap two brought Eric O to my back wheel and we chatted about the heat and 
that now it was a day to just work to the finish. Hitting the climb again I could feel 
the heat fatigue setting in. Taking hand ups and dumping water over my 
head felt good even if the water squishing out of my shammy was running down my legs and in 
to my shoes. Lap four was full on auto pilot,,, my goal was to spin and keep my gaps up 
and not work to hard so I could have some legs for the last lap. 
It work last lap teetering on the verge of bonking and not wanting anything other than water/Nuun
in my gut I sailed on, I could see Heath out of the corner of my eye from time to time 
and knew that I had to push it just a bit to finish where I had been sitting.
I was able to sit up on the final climb and coast to the line. Needed a bit of help their after,,
was more wobbly than I think that I have ever been, took a long pull 
from the garden hose to get back to normal. 
All in all a good weekend 6th place and some cash in hand. Sophia finished I was super stoked for her..
By far the hardest thing she has had to do all summer. 
Family had a good time camping and the drive home did not kill me. Ready for

the break that I get in between the next two races. Hard to believe that it is almost the end of July..
The Five 0 is going to be here before I know it. 
Thanks to all the Sponsors that have been helping and making the season a good one, I have 
some growing to do,, But I have to say I am right where I need to be at this moment. 
It will be time here soon to turn the screws and go to the next level.

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