Saturday, July 23, 2011

I like my Bike Better than U

It took me a full two days to recover
from Du Lac, and not because my legs hurt only
Sophia dealing with the heat
because I was so dehydrated. For a bit on Tuesday I was starting to 
get a bit worried. The heat at the beginning of the week was 
insane. All I did was commute back and forth and drink 
tons of water and Nuun to get my self back right. 
Finally on Thursday the heat broke and I took out the One by Spot for some
dirt to work. Riding dirt and getting some Zen time in the woods
before having to deal with the day to day bull CRAP of Appliance repair 
can really get the mind in the right setting. 

Pip with a smile
Have some new rubber coming from the folks at Vittoria/Geax but needed a 
filler in before they got here so I could du some road riding. 
New tire and getting up with the sun to do some competitive road riding yesterday.
Bike and body felt great got to push the pace up front with E Hill...
Ended the day with some single track fun and the Friday night Group ride.
Kid rode great being the only Girl and only Teenager on the ride. Promised 
her that not only if she Graduated from high school with high honers that we would go ride the Alp D'Huez, but if
I woke up before we rode I would pull her BB and grease it up. 
Saturday now coffee a TT on the TV and more MTB to be ridden. 
My day was done all down from here
Bikes are moving and Big Wheels are fast.
Photos from the Du Lac race and all come from Teammate 

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