Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hot in the City

Sunday was my third time racing bikes at Buck Hill.
From the stories from some of the long time locals the races go 
as far back as 1989,, and that drives me crazy because I had no idea
that bike racing was right under my nose.
After leaving the Mississippi river valley the sun came out 
and along with that was the heat. 
Just getting suited up you could feel the over whelming heat of the day.
Dressed and ready getting lined up looking at the cat litter box of a start I went over and over
in my head what I wanted to do. Now the Majority of the field races here on a weekly 
basis and they know the trails like the back of their hands. At the sound of go Both 
Jake and Brendan shot off the line and I was able to grab their wheels as we headed to 
the first of 6 laps. After the road section and a bit of settling in I 
was just trying to keep the speed up and build gaps. This worked for a bit until
half way through the second/third lap.. The traffic started to get thick and this 
changed the approach to racing.
I like to think that I can handle heat usually does not affect me much, but this day 
it was kicking my ass and adding to the pain of a six lap TT.
By lap 4 I had drifted back to seventh place and was plugging along only to get passed
three more times before the finish. In all not a bad race would have like to been further up in 
the overall but 10th on a day that even breathing the hot thick air was a chore I'll take it. 
Next is Du Lac In Duluth and this is a bit more my style with some longer climbs and more of the 
twisty turning. Hard to believe that it is mid july,, summer is flying by..
Time for clean bikes and heavy legs..

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