Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tired does not describe the way I feel... It is 
4:30 and I am ready for sleeping. Loaded up this weekend with no racing, made sure 
to get some rides in and make them count. On top of all that we have has visitors from the 
719 here, so we have been entertaining, which can make a soul tired. 
The race bike is all back together and ready for this weekend in 
Elk River I only hope that the pilot is ready. With rain 
today not sure if I will get to spin dirt before the weekend and 
would love to get that done. Ethan from Maverick is sending out a new
air cartridge with a stiffer spring,, this customization should allow me to 
run a bit higher air pressure and get the feel that I want. 
On other cycling fronts the Boy slapped on some clipless pedals
on monday and after trying some Looks we switched to SPD's and things went well. 
At first he looked like the kid at the end of Breaking Away when his feet get taped to the pedals.. he just could not twist through the spring tension. With the SPD's all the way down he has no issues. 
And the Little Northwave shoes that he is rocking totally kick ass.

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