Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wheels on Fire

It has been a while that I have had a weekend off from racing. 
After Red Wing my goal was to take full advantage of the time that I had.
First thing was to take the Gears off the Spot and get it back to the 
Won x Won.... Next was to ride...and smile. The Dakota 50 is coming and 
I need to be ready for 4 hours on the single. 
Got out a bunch with the kid and solo. In the last seven day over 200 miles on the 
Mountain Bike. Some highs and lows,, like slamming into the ground @ 20+
mph.. But for the most part it was all highs. 
Spent some time with friends and family, drank some beer. 
Now time to hunker back down and get to work..
This weekend is 6 hot laps at Buck with a temp of 90+.
Then the following week is Duluth, then I think a week off,, getting 
hard to think that far out. 
The wheels are moving and life is good ,,,summer time rolls on..
Now I need to clean and work on the bikes,,,if I could only find 

where the beer is stashed this afternoon would be complete.

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