Sunday, July 3, 2011


I can roll out my garage and ride a short 
1.7 miles of pavement before I get to a crushed gravel trail..
From there after crossing the river and train tracks,
I am treated to an old mining road that is only open to human power.
This road is great and it kicks you in the head every time. 
Loose gravel,,,,sink holes.. and big wash outs make it even more of a good climb.
This brings you up to the quarry and the open grass lands the cover it, open blue
sky's with wild flowers all around...
Three short rollers and you are spit out in to the cul de sack ..
And that is where the single track fun starts...... Not sure on the legal mumbo jumbo but the quarry may be closed it may not be but 
when you get to French Connection it is noting but sweet Donkey Kong descending
Over some trees and through the drainage and up to the Bob trail,, Here is a climbers nirvana..
As you make your way to Ob One ,,,then to Dark Side you are challenged with every pedal stoke.
It all gets wrapped up with a flying spin on Twister and back out
to the Grass Land and sunshine. These trails
are all built by hand and dry faster than the pavement.
Totaly spoiled to have this out the front door..
Door to door with one lap=22 miles of mountain bike fun...

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