Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cool like the Fonz

 Now it is tuesday morning and it has been 
a long long weekend the kind that should
happen every week.
I think that a whirl wind weekend is a better
description of what went on.
Their was family their was a wedding 
some old friends in town and a river and then the
blow it up fourth of july.
 The James got to go out on the river for the first time ever
and I am pretty sure that he is hooked.
He was cheering for everyone to 
fall off the knee board so he could jump back in the river.
And the Pip finnaly got up on the the Knee board and 
it looked like she was having a blast.
 And me the old man after getting 
water boarded a few times made it up 
and I was skiing for the first time in 20 some years.
Almost ready to jump the shark tank.
No crazy infections from being in the water with 
fresh wounds. I do have to say after throwing
my self on the ground and then being pulled by a boat my body is sore...
Yep getting old..

It was great to see everyone this weekend and hope that you all travel safe and find what ever it is you are looking for....
Now go ride you bike.

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