Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Jam Econo

Back to back weekends are going to be what is happening,
this week. Recovery is tough when all I want to do is play on the bike.
The up coming event is in Duluth which can be 
so much cooler, in temps than what we put up with on sunday. Cleaning my bike on monday I noticed that I was missing one of the plastic fork guards on my Maverick. Could not come up with when it came off 
I figured that it happened on the drive home. 
Then I got some pictures from Hwood Teammate Todd Bauer and saw this,,,
Must have been one of the many many passes that happened in the race, when you are 
riding 90% single track and the course is less than 3 miles their is lots of 
lap traffic. 
All that being said had an amazing ride this evening the 
trails were in great shape and super fast, the only issue is don't
slow down DU to the fact that the sketers are out in full 
Get out ride a bike crack a smile go fast bunny hop,,,, enjoy the ride..

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