Friday, August 3, 2012


Plowing through another week of work, and getting some much needed down time in. 
It is stupid but I have been fighting this stupid blister on my right foot,, on the little toe.
This is the chocolate foot and the need to be able to drive that foot forward and through the single track is very important. 
Tuesday morning I headed out early to ride some dirt before work.. It was a beautiful morning and I hit the trail flying, and things were good,, then as I leaned in to a corner I caught a stump with this bad toe.. I was seeing red and some good pain.. With some ice and ibuprofen and rest
things have gotten a bit better.  The swelling is down and I can get my foot in  a shoe now. 
With the whole famdamn gone at the dells I decided to go and give it a shot. 
Foot was happy bike was happy and I was smiling from ear to ear. With the touch of rain that we had
gotten yesterday morning turned the trails in to a playground of fun.  And now that it is August and the miles on these trail is stacking up time to ride them backwards.. Now I know that this makes some in the area angry that the trails are being ridden this way but I am a firm believer that  as long as I pay attention no one will get hurt. I come from places that the trails get ridden in all directions,, and I have to say that our trails ridden the opposite direction are like second trail (very much like second drink) it gives you a chance to see things in a different light and you get to climb some awesome hills.  I was thinking as I was out yesterday that we need to put on a TT here but have it start at the bottom of the quarry hill and have it snake up through the trail and ended at the weather ball with beer and fun times.  But we'll see never been able to get an event off the ground here.


  1. I intend to sneak out to Phils World and ride those backward someday. Sort of like a poach, but not really. Perhaps it's ok to backward poach oneway trails with lights at night.

  2. I always say that back home in Breckenridge that it was a badge of honor to ride the trails the other way. Sophia asked today why we were going the wrong direction,, I smiled and said because we can.