Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A weekend of bikes and all in Black and White.  Sophia and I headed up to the Cites on saturday to meet up with a good number of Hollywood Cycles Team Members.  We all met up at the Murphy Harehan trail parking lot and geared up to ride.. The ride broke up into a his and hers rides, and the Pip was floating back and forth between the groups enjoying a new trail to ride. Fun ripping single track with teammates and new faces.
We stayed with the Bauer's which made it so it was not a three hour drive to the race on sunday.  We hug out and swapped stories and shared battle scars. Beers were drank and names were called,,,fun was had by all. Some dinner at the Burger Jones with the Woods. Great food and great people, perfect way to get ones self ready for racing the next day. 
Woke up sunday to rain showers...we have not seen any rain all summer and it always manages to rain on or near race day.  Knowing that the trails would shed water I was not to worried about the tires on my bike. Rolling in the to the parking lot first thoughts were that this is going to be sloppy, but after walking some of the trails I could see that it was going to be hero dirt. 
At the line Brendan, Jessie, and Michael were not present so I got to hit the line 1st. I had the spot that I wanted ......to help get off clean.. 
I did Paul Hanson went to the front followed by SKJ. Just before we hit the power line climb coming off the Road I heard a loud noise behind me.. Carbon and Aluminum were being ground into the dirt as Heath and Hollywood got tangled up and hit the ground.  With the bit of gap behind the three of us we hit the climb hard. Up around and back down to the road to the Single of section 3 to finish the prolog.  Lap one set up pretty standard as the first two pushed on,, I sat in knowing it was going to be a long race. Was able to open up a bit of a gap in lap 2 working with Sturgis Dave zipping and flying around the corners. Lap three was more of the same for the most part riding by my self with some chasing but never closing in. I could see Dave and Owen up a head but was not able to cut the time down.  Crossed the line with my best finish of the season 5th and 19 seconds behind Owen 3rd..
I was a great weekend and a really good race...I fell like things are going well for me a lot of hard work and practice is paying off. More racing on the way and many many more miles to go.

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